The Union of Atlantis

"Viva the Union & it's People!"

Coat of Arms
Anthem N/A
Capital N/A
Largest city N/A
Official language


Other languages ANY
Official religion


Demonym Atlantean
Government Monarchy
Leader King Anthony I
Legislature Currently being elected
Area Claimed Goliad Island
Population 2
Currency Horfers
National food N/A
National drink N/A
National animals N/A
Internet domain N/A

Founded on July 9, 2012, the Union of Atlantis is a nation in the city of Houston, Texas. The island is right next to the Republic of Noliga. The two nations are allies and are part of the MicroPact and share the same currency, Horfers. The Union of Atlantis just came out of a past rebellion after, King Anthony I made all cars and go karts or golf carts illegal. The rebellion lasted three weeks and the Republic of Noliga ended the battle by stating the following Our great nation "Change is something we must live with. Americans changed their ways after they won independence from Great Britian, so you the people of Atlantis must find this change and live with it. Your island is small and so the people must realize that golf carts won't be able to co-exist with citizens."


The Atlantian army is made up into two sections: the Guards & the Navy. The Guards are the main protecters of the country. They fend off the enemies on land and make sure no one ever attacks the nation. The Navy protects the waters and will usually help in war.The Navy is one of the greatest armys that can protect you're country if you're island does not have a bridge to another island.

Goliad IslandEdit

Our great nation resides on Goliad Island, which was named by

Goliad Island

Nick Allen- the president of the Republic of Noliga after he named all the islands around his. Goliad Island is long in length, but short in width which is why King Anthony declared the island to be under construction as he is getting sand to put over the island that is underwater.


Goliad Island was once part of the Republic of Noliga. When President Nick's cousin Anthony asked to create a micronation on Goliad Island and gain independence Nick agreed without arguement. Both nations lived in harmony until the uprising causing a small rebellion. When Anthony's friend drove a small little motorized car into the water, King Anthony I declared all cars or automobiles illegal. The rebellion only lasted three weeks but someone (we can not say the name) got injured. On August 18, 2012 the Union of Atlantis joined the MicroPact and decided to share currencies with Noliga- Horfers. Now, the Union of Atlantis lives on with peace and hopes to make peace with other nations.