Rule & Guildlines

These must be followed or it will result in a ban

  1. You must be 13 years or older to join (It's Wikia rule)
  2. No profanity
  3. No vandalizing
  4. No spamming
  5. No using personal info (eg. Home Address, Phone Number) Name is okay
  6. No personal attacks
  7. No cyber wars
  8. No trolling
  9. No being childish
  10. Report people not following the rules.
  11. No using all caps. (Wrong way: WHATS UP!!! Good way: Whats up!)

If you do not follow these rules then you will get a strike which equals a one week ban. Two strikes is a month ban. Three strikes is an infinite ban.

Admin/Chat Moderator Rules & Guildlines

These must be followed or it will result in removal of your position.

  1. No deleting or editing the wiki without consulting me User:DarkArtsProdigy
  2. No banning for no reason
  3. No being bossy and ordering people to do stuff (you're not a king)
  4. No being rude

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