Conferdrate Republic Of Hoogwaard----
[1] [2]

Motto: An New Chance An New live----
Anthem: Freedom----
Oegstgeest And Zoetermeer----
Capital Hengelveld
Largest city Aularia
Official language(s) Hoogwaardian
Other language(s) Dutch
Demonym Hoogwaardse Hoogwaardian
Government Conferdration
2nd Kanslier Timo Vink
Bondskanslier Shady Restapato
Kanslier of an hoogwaardian state Timo VinkStein Dros And

Kevin Vanhaar

Legislature The Chamber
Greater Global Consulation 5
Established 2013
Population 45
Currency staatsgulden

The Hoogwaardian Conferdration Is An new state is in the former republic of hoogwaard its afther the uprising shady make hervorms for an democratic states german moedel


The Hoogwaardian Consulat Is An Sucessor State Of Sahdyvinkenstein An Another State 

​But the government went into exile and shadyvinkensteinse government founded the republic Hoogwaard By

After the coup hoogwaard becomes an democratic state has been formed its invlowend in the molarussian hoogwaardian wars an stuck in an civil war

Info Edit

The Govemement Is An Conferdrate Republic er is 4 states to rull An small kanslier can became ruller of hoogwaard in the elections elections are held every 3 years





Er Is An Police man And Hoogwaard what ilegal is in hoogwaard is

Soft drugs [only own use][3]Offical FlagQat

The Pirate Bay


False Money

.1 All persons in Hoogewaard, are to be treated equally

conditions. Discrimination on grounds of religion, belief, political

opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not


Article 2

1. The Chamber regulates who is Hoogwaartse.

2. The Chamber regulates the admission and expulsion of aliens.

3. Everyone has the right to leave the country, except in the cases, by law if you're over 20 years and other micro nation lives the high words Waardse nationality denies

Article 4

Each Hoogwaartse have an equal right members of the general representative bodies

and to elect members of these bodies to be elected, unless prescribed by law

limitations and exceptions

Everyone shall have the right to submit in writing to the competent authority in

Article 5

1. Everyone has the right to his religion or belief, either individually or in community with

others, freely to profess, without prejudice to his responsibility under the law.

2. The law may in respect of the exercise of this right other than buildings and enclosed places rules

to protecting the health, in the interest of traffic and to combat or

prevent wanordelijkhed

Article 7

1. Nobody needs to mind through the press or to reveal feelings prior permission

prejudice to his responsibility under the law.

2. The law lays down rules concerning radio and television. There is no prior supervision of the content of a

radio or television broadcast.

3. For revealing thoughts or feelings other than in the preceding paragraphs

said means has no prior permission needed due to the contents, except

his responsibility under the law. The law may give performances open to

persons under sixteen measures to protect public morals.

4. The preceding paragraphs shall not apply to commercial advertisibg

Our Contry Is Member Of The Micronatial Union our profile is

But Have Realations Witch This Contries

[1]Federal Republic of Narentia

Independent Free Nation of Walton 

[1]Added by Shady Restatapo

Doberman Island Republic



Kilan Federation 

And we are member of the F.C.N

Our Military 

The Have 4 Parts Of The Army

Hoogwardian Homefront

Hoogwardian Opication Force

Hoogwardian People's Army

Hoogwaardian Navy

And Hoogwaardian Air Force

[3]Kingdom Of Shadyvinkenstein[4]Republic Of Vinkmointain[5]The New Flag[6][7]Habour Distrikt[8]Republic Of Hengelveld[9]The Emblem Of The Kanslier[10]The Coat of arms Add a photo to this gallery


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