North Molarussian Military Republic

Map Of th Molarussian republic

The Molarussian Republic Is Blue The Peoples Republic Of Molarus Is Red

Naval Jack

Motto: "We Are The Real Molarus----
Anthem: None
Capital Kalarijzak 


Official language(s) Dutch
Other language(s) Dutch
Official religion(s)      Selcutar
Demonym North Molarussian
Government Military Republic
Field Marshal Jack Ormanov
Minister Shady Restapato
Legislature The Exile Consecion
Type Exile Govenememt
Seats 1
Election None
Established 2013
Area claimed the north of molarus
Population 1
Currency Pond
National food Cheese
National drink Fanta
National animal Eagle
Other national symbols Blue
Patron saint None
Internet domain .hg [de jurre] .nl
Calling code +31
Time zone +1 (summer +2)

The republic of north molarus is an

puppet state of Hoogwaard


the Government is founded during the molarussian War Hoogwaardian for as luke fawcett surrender but there word peace concluded between molarus and hoogwaard the country handles the claim on North Molarus on 2013 and other territory Claimed it is not real and country but more and Government in exile It claims to be the legitimate government of Molarus To be its have hostille realation witch Molarus Molarus Hate This Land And The Govenement

War Flag Of North Molarus


Forgin RealationsEdit

Good Realations


Hostile Realations

South Molarus