Molarusian People's Republic
Molarus Flag
Molarus Emblem
Coat of Arms 
National Anthem

Molarusian National Anthem 

Molarus(orthographic projection)
Capital city Walkerburg
Official language(s) English
Ethnic groups 100% White
0% South Asian
0% Black
0% Mixed
0% Chinese
0% other
Denonym Molarusian
Government Marxist-Leninist single-party state
State Ideology Maoism
- Prime Minister Luke Walker
- Deputy Prime Minister Connor Skilbeck
- Premier Tracie Fawcett
Legislature People's National Assembly
Established 27 March 2013
Population 22
Economy planned
Currency Molarusian Kip (₭)
Calling code +44
Time Zone GMT (UTC0)
Drives on the Left

'Molarus ('/moləˈruːs/), officially the Molarusian People's Republic, is a communist micronation located on Great Britain. It is surrounded on all sides by the United Kingdom. Its government is a self-described Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship led by the Molarusian Communist Party. Molarus declared independence in 2013 from the United Kingdom following a declaration of Prime Minister, Luke Walker sent to the British government.

Molarus's government states it is heavily influenced by Maoism and the writings of Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin. The Molarusian government states it focuses on creating a classless society. The country operates a nationalised healthcare system and assumes fiscal and administrative responsibility for the National Health Services of Molarus for all citizens. Molarus has a 100% literacy rate and a comprehensive free education system.


Neighbour WarEdit

In early 2013 Cubodia, a micronation, declared war on Molarus and ordered an unconditional surrender from the government. Molarusian leadership denied to accept to a surrender. On 21 February, 2013, the Neighbor War between Molarus and Cubodia began. Cubodian forces invaded Cheshire county and assumed control of Molarusian territories.

On 23 February, The Molarusian People's Armed Forces executed a counterattack against Molarus and marched to the capital, Cottage Town, to force the Cubodian government to halt the invasion of Molarus or meet further military force. Cubodian Führer John Simon signed a peace treaty with the Molarusian President, ending the war and promising a pact of non-aggression.

Molarusian-Hoogwaardian WarEdit

In May 2013, Hoogwaard, a Dutch-speaking micronation, issued hostilities towards Molarus because of a personal feud between Chairman Luke Walker and HRH Andrew I.  In response to Hoogwaardian sabre-rattling, Molarus and Jakania issued warnings and state propaganda against Hoogwaard, and Molarus soon after declared war.