Born Ivan Ezekiel Abernathy, Jr., in Orlando, Florida, he changed his name to Ivan I with the Adoption of The Asermian Monarchy.

Founding of the Kingdom of AsermiaEdit

The idea to start a micronation originated from a book he recieved for his 12th birthday (by then he lived in Safety Harbor, Florida), The Book of Lost States by Michael J. Trinklein. At the start of his summer vacation to Michigan in early July of that same year (2010), his intrest in the book and its contents had peaked considerably, so he started creating a micronation. He already knew the term well from his two former micronations, Bermania and Simlia, and from well-known micronations such as Sealand. He came up with many names for his nation, such as Aciremai (see Etymology of Aciremai) and Pocohontia, and he came up with different suffixes for his states, such as Acrons. By the fourteenth of that month, He declared sovreignty of the United Kingdom of Lost States from his uncle's living room in Kalkaska, Michigan. His First Minister back then was his cousin Richard Seward, who had come up from his home in Durham, North Carolina, for a vacation as well. In August, he already had counted 100 states (though really he had miscounted and only had about 85).

Great Micronational WarEdit

From September 2010 to early February 2011, he and his college roommate Brandon Marshall, as well as his friends Jon Khizpay, Sora Ichikyo, Ben Watson, and Max Lowell, created a series of micronations, in what we called a "layer", a layer being an alternate Earth in which they were the only nations. This layer was also called the Micronational Union. From January 29–February 5, 2011, There was a war between all their nations that is now known as the Great Micronational War. After the war ended, there remained only three nations: Brandon's Nation (New Holy Roman Empire), Nora's Nation (Dynasty of Haikiatu-Shanat), and Ivan's Nation. By May, only Ivan's nation remained, and thus begun the period known as the Isolation Period. On November 28th, 2011, Ivan renamed his nation the Union of Asermia. It is now known as the Kingdom of Asermia

Asermia-Grum disputeEdit

The Isolation Period ended on December 5, 2011, when The Royal Kingdom of Galacia made an alliance with Asermia. The next day, the Democracy of Grum pointed out that Asermia claimed much of his and other micronations' territory. He told Ivan to relinquish the entire Corn Belt (or so Ivan heard it), the most densely populated region in Asermia. Ivan refused, having no idea how small Grum Was. Grum also told Ivan to withdraw his claim to Austenasia, the Great Kingdom of Domus, the Slinky Empyre, and the Five Isles Republic. Misreading Grum's description, Ivan thought Domus claimed all the British Isles. However, he researched Domus and saw that he was wrong, and withdrew from Domus and all others listed in Grum's Description. By now, Ivan knew Grum was small, so he relinquished Grum as well. The dispute ended on December 9th, 2011, and Grum is now an Asermian ally. He decided to change his last name back to Abernathy in late February of 2012.

Asermia-Smallia DisputeEdit

The Asermia-Smallia dispute was A dispute with the Kingdom of Smallia, over The British Isles. This war began on June 2nd 2012, and was assumed to have ended the next day. However, the Leader of Smallia, King Anrew I, was stil Dis-satisfied. Even though his nation claimed only half a town, he still wanted more. SO he claimed all of Asermia. Then until around the 20th of June, nothing happened. Then The Dispute became more violent, As Smallia started Claiming Lands of OTHER nations, Like the Empire of Spanionte. Finally, on July 9th 2012, after more than a Month of Dispute, Asermia was once again at peace.

The MonarchyEdit

The Monarchy was Established on July 9th 2012.