The Federal Republic of Grunkia

"Unity, Freedom, Democracy"

Anthem Grunkian Green Flag
Capital New Rome
Official language


Official Religions ANY
Demonym Grunkian
Prime Minister Robert Garside
President Edward Jacobs
Legislature Parliament
Area Claimed 100 sq miles in Korea, Canada, & the Moon
Population 14
Currency Struna
National food Grunkian Meatloaf
National drink Coca Cola
National animals Golden Eagle
Internet domain .gr

Grunkia is a micronation with claimed land in Canada, South Korea, and the Moon. It is based in New Rome, which is located in the province of Fairview which is located in Canada. It has a population of 14, and the nation was established in April 7, 2011 by current Secretary of State and Foreign Minister, Gunho Kim. At that time the President, the nation had it's first downfall. Gunho Kim later resigned in September, 2012 and the first free elections were conducted, and Edward Jacobs became President, Robert Garside became Prime Minister, and Gunho Kim became Secretary of State and Foreign Minister.